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Coronavirus Business interruption Insurance - am i covered?

Businesses Affected by the Coronavirus

Some of our New York Clients are experiencing or will experience losses due to business interruption caused by Coronavirus.  Some States, including New York, have closed the bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms, for an indefinite or extended period of time.  Concerts and other events where crowds gather are also prohibited, until further notice.  

Businesses are seeking help from their insurers to recover for business interruption losses in dependence of their business interruption insurance policy.  Business interruption insurance is triggered when the insured business is shut down and unable to generate income. 

Recovering from insurers is a complicated task, that may require the assistance of professionals such as attorneys and accountants.


Some of the most common questions asked are:  1) Does my insurance policy cover the loss?  and 2) How do I substantiate and prove my loss? 

These questions are not easily answered, especially when dealing with Coronavirus.  Coverage may depend on the details of wording on the insurance policy. There is a great deal of case law dealing with understanding insurance policies. If covered, losses may be difficult to quantify.

Our team of lawyers and forensic accountants can provide you with peace of mind and help you navigate your insurance policy.   Our team is prepared and qualified to evaluate your business insurance policy to help you navigate this difficult time.

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